Backtalk vs Sound Off in Haiku. 7/31/14

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Day 2 of Lowell vs Lawrence and the DeMoulas family wins with 7 out of 9, each team playing an “I can’t drive” but with Lawrence clearly pulling ahead in the pro-board category (all five of Law Town’s entries are MB-related) and Lowell grabbing a left-turn in the form of supporting local farmers. Overall though between the towns Lawrence pulls out another clear victory. Not quite as decisive as yesterday’s win, but unquestionable nonetheless.


I’m going local.
Hannaford imports their meat.
I hate shopping now.

I don’t have a car.
Cabs to the store are pricey.
MB was next door.

Lombardo, you suck.
Talking about kids like that?
You’re embarrassing.

Greed’s killing FolkFest.
Why do they charge for parking?
That’s less dough to shops.

Sound Off

MB Board does squat.
The WalMart shelves are now bare.
The Board must grow up.

Family issues.
Customers will not be fooled.
Prices will go up.

MB cheap and near.
DeMoulas fam hurts us all.
Bury the hatchet.

Management choices.
Not as easy as you think.
Where is Art T. now?

MB customers:
Let the fam’ly keep fighting.
Just ignore the strike.

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American Sunrise

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So The Sun didn’t give me anything to work with yesterday for the Backtalk in Haiku bit. I increased their hit count to probably double of what it normally is checking for it, probably their dark, evil sinister plan all along. Or maybe the usual callers were too busy yelling at tree limbs to get off their lawn. Anyway, to make up for it, here’s 15 minutes of people taking selfies. Enjoy.

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Riding to Walden

Thoreau kind of annoys me sometimes. In the age of the Pony Express he made a big deal about camping in his backyard and talked about living simply while sending his laundry out… which I guess is a pretty simple thing to do. Still though, if it weren’t for him and that guy from Eagles Walden Pond would probably have condos all around it. So, thank-you Hank.

Walden as it stands is a pretty cool place. Out of the main beach (which they occasionally have to close down due to diaper rash epidemics) the water is clean. The two-mile trail around it is well-maintained, and the ticks are nowhere near as bad as they are in Connecticut.

The downside of Walden is having to pay for parking which I think is like seven bucks now. Easy way around that: ride in. The pond is a short and relatively flat fifteen miles from CrossPoint.

Full directions: Follow the Bruce Freeman trail all the way to the end and take a left onto 225 followed by a quick right onto Blane St which becomes West St before becoming Westford Rd. Then it’s a right turn onto Lowell Rd for a couple of miles (heavier traffic) before taking a right onto Keyes, a left on Main and a quick right onto Walden. Follow Walden a couple of miles to cross Rt 2 at the lights and Walden Pond is less than half a mile up. Bike racks available.

If you’d like to preview the ride just to make sure you’ve got it all down please watch the video from the comfort of your stationary bike. Enjoy.

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